Book Review: ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau’

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Army of Dr MoreauAuthor: Guy Adams

Publisher: Titan

Plot: Holmes and Watson are once again recruited by Mycroft to deal with a decidedly delicate situation. Reports of bodies mauled by animals in London are linked to the experiments of the maniacal and presumed deceased Doctor Moreau.
Review: To say that there’s a resurgence in interest in the world’s most famous detective would be a very obvious thing. With the new popularity buoyed by the modern day interpretation on the BBC there comes a flood of new stories from a range of sources. Fortunately Adams has already had his thumb in the Baker Street pie, so this new novel does not come across as being on the bandwagon.

Adams writes this tale in the format used by Conan Doyle in that it is presented as an account of the case written by John Watson (although he frequently comments that it would not be published…

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